Barbara Hattono’s Compton Family Photo Collection


The photos above were submitted by Barbara Hattono, who writes:

Sir, I have quite a few photos containing persons I know should be family to me but have no clue of names or how they would relate – they are unmarked.
If they could be posted and allow me to provide a link so persons with the family surname that come across my genealogical path could view and provide me information, it would be great.
Then we both gain – me knowledge and them a photo and contact with extended family for tree information and linkage. There are about 20 scanned so far.  I attach several of my unknown collection and await your feedback. They are of individuals born with the Compton surname or married into it in some fashion.

I also have unwanted photos given to me by a second cousin that are also unmarked; the persons are unknown family to her
but not me. Hating to just throw them but unable to store indefinitely, I consider scanning them and posting on the internet sometime.

Thank you.
Barbara Hatton

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