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Unknown Organization

The men in this picture belong to some type of class or organization. All of the men are wearing a ribbon, an award maybe?
The only known individual in this picture is John Krick (Back row, 2nd from left).
I would appreciate any help identifying the other individuals, the ribbon and anything about the organization.
Thank you!
Bill Krick

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Unknown Ohio Electric Operator

This photo was found admist photos that were given to me. I was hoping that you could post this to your website and see if anyone
recognizes the man in the photo or perhaps the company? It looks to be a mug shot for an ID card.

I do not know who the man in the picture is, but he is likely related to Schouster, York, Essman or Nahm families. Possibly
Hunt or Pack families as well. Up in the corner, I was able to digitally flip the letters to figure out that his hat says:

Operator 213
______ Ohio Elec. Co.

But I cannot make out the first word(s).

Thanks so much.

I can be reached via e-mail at magen.sparks@gmail.com

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Photograph of Unknown School Children


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Unknown Photo Found in Vancouver

I found this picture and have no idea who it is The original photo found by dumpster Vancouver B.C.. There is no writing
on back or front. Its a real photo and is 11×13. If you know anything would be nice.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Bowman

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