A commitment to Scioto County genealogy

Explore your roots with us and delve into the rich tapestry of Scioto County Genealogy – your heritage awaits

Our genealogical commitment

We honor the past, embrace the present, and cultivate a lasting legacy for future generations.

Education and Workshops

Through a diverse range of educational resources and engaging workshops, we empower our members at every skill level to deepen their genealogical expertise, fostering a continuous learning environment within our society.”

Research Assistance

Expert research assistance, guiding members through the complexities of genealogical exploration with access to comprehensive databases and historical records

Networking and Community Building

Fostering a sense of community, opportunities are facilitated for members to connect, share experiences, and collaboratively embark on genealogical projects, creating a supportive network that extends beyond individual journeys.

Publications and Newsletters

Devoted to knowledge-sharing and creating informative publications, the society diligently compiles a rich collection of genealogical records, success stories, and updates.

Preservation of Records and Archives

Initiating and participating in efforts to preserve and maintain genealogical records, documents, and artifacts, we leverage technology to ensure the accessibility and digital preservation of our historical treasures for future generations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Discover meaningful ways to contribute to our vibrant genealogical community through various volunteer opportunities that empower members to actively shape and enrich the shared heritage we are preserving together.

An array of resources

Our diverse Society provides invaluable tools, expertise, and a supportive community to help unravel the intricacies of your family history.

Educational Experiences

  • Seminars led by leading genealogical and historical researchers.
  • Access to Exclusive Educational Resources.
  • Hands-on Research Sessions.

SCCOGS Newsletter

  • Opportunity to showcase your family’s history and preserve it for future researchers.
  • Ideal for individuals who may not be local but wish to stay informed and actively participate.
  • Collaboratively tackle your genealogical challenges and join efforts to uncover elusive ancestors with community support.

“Genealogy is not just about the past; it’s a journey that illuminates our present and shapes the legacy we leave for the future.”

Eli Allen

Chapter President

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