Application for Pioneers of Scioto County

Application for Pioneers of Scioto County

1. Pioneer ancestor must have lived within Scioto County’s past or present boundaries on or before December 31, 1830.

2. Person making application must be a descendant of the pioneer.

3. Person making application must be a member of the Scioto County Genealogical Society. To become a member, send $15.00 dues to the chapter, P.O. Box 812, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662.

4. Proof is required to substantiate each ancestor as a pioneer. All materials submitted as proof should either be exact copies of original records or certified transcribed copies (made by an official of the office were the document originated). Each item submitted as proof must have an identifying statement which indicates what the item is and where it came from. All materials submitted by the descendant become the property of the Scioto County Genealogical Society and will be placed with their holdings in Portsmouth Public Library.

5. Records which can be considered proof include:
Official Courthouse Records like marriages, wills, estate papers, birth and death records, court suits, land and tax records, etc. In each of the above instances, notation should be made as to where the document can be located (ie, which office houses the document, what volume and page number it can be found on, etc.). Government Records like census schedules, military papers, and pension files. In each case, though, a statement identifying the pioneer as a resident of Scioto County should be included. If census records are submitted as proof, they should be actual microfilm copies of the original filmed record and not hand-written or typed transcriptions. Miscellaneous Records such as church, school, and voting records, as well as newspaper items and obituaries. Any unusual record which the applicant considers proof of residence will be considered by the panel of judges.

6. Examples of records which are not considered proof include: Bible records, unidentified documents, hear-say statements of descendants or individuals, death-bed oaths made by individuals, biographies and/or items from county histories, local histories, family record books, etc., and lineage papers from patriotic, heraldry, or family societies. These and other records, however, may be submitted as supplementary materials by the applicant.

7. An ancestry chart must accompany a completed, signed, and dated application and supporting proof materials. All information available to the descendant should be included on the chart, but the chart itself does not constitute proof of residency.

8. A $15.00 application fee should be included with all materials. This covers costs of printing certificates and mailing them to the applicant. If, for some reason, the judges feel that proof is insufficient to include the ancestor as a pioneer of Scioto County, the $15.00 will be returned to the applicant

9. In addition, the applicant may wish to further honor his/her ancestor by including his/her name in the Northwest Territory Division of Pioneers of Scioto County, Ohio. Here, the ancestor must have lived in Scioto County’s past or present boundaries on or before March 1, 1803 (the date of Ohio’s statehood). With the exception of #1, the above rules apply here, as well. No additional fee is required to include the ancestor in this division.

If you and your ancestor meet the above requirements, please fill out and submit the Application for Status as A Pioneer of Scioto County by Clicking Here.